Ten Books to Read before Turning 30

Can you imagine having a quarter-life crisis when you are close to entering your 30s? The most exciting time of your life is supposed to be your 20s. It is supposed to be a blast with solo trips, to falling in love, maybe getting married, making lifelong friendships and even starting a great career. However, when researchers ask those who are approaching 30 about how they feel, surprisingly, 86 percent of people say otherwise. The reports say that a large number of people complain about being in some form of quarter-life crisis. Many studies have shown that now, with times changing incredibly fast, young adults are under immense pressure.

To sum up, the economy and the society are in a flux! In recent history, the times that young adults are under are absolutely inexplicable. Question is, what should you about it? How can you deal with adulthood in a good manner? Well, start with reading. Every personal crisis that keeps coming at you like coins from a slotmachines and every other conundrum, you solve it by reading. You deal with it with books. 

Books don’t solve problems

Books don’t solve problems. 老王加速器2.2.11But they are a great way to clear the head, a great way to deal with any crisis that may befall you in your life. The foundation of every smart living, every successful living starts with books. This advice has been given out since ages, but shockingly only a small percentage of people take. If you, like many others, are nervous about entering the big 30s, here at xyvjm.wap-lagump3.com are a few books that can arm with the wisdom you need to lead a happier next decade.

These books’ suggestions range from practical problem solving of adulthood to how-to titles. Some will even change your perspectives on social issues and some are heart-wrenching novels that are bound to give you a tough empathy workout. While you are reading these books, do check out online casinos like LeoVegas and Vera & John casino for a good time to relax while having fun! Besides, what better way to enter the new


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